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FAQ Page2018-02-25T07:26:05+00:00
Why my service is suspended?2018-02-25T08:25:34+00:00

In case your service is suspended by us, there might a strong reason behind it. Usually it is suspended if you have Violated our Terms of Service(TOS). We request you to create a a support ticket to get the exact reason.

I need support. How to contact Support?2018-02-25T08:20:44+00:00

You are just a ticket away to get in touch with us. You can also contact us by sending mail on
For Support : [email protected]
For Billing : [email protected]

Does HostatHash provide Phone support?2018-02-25T08:16:02+00:00

No. Currently we do not provide Phone support to any of our client, but we do call our clients if there is any serious issue faced by them without any extra charges.

I have paid for the service but my service is Not Activated yet!2018-02-25T08:10:44+00:00

We apologize for the delay in activating your service. There maybe a issue of Payment or some Technical issue. We request you to Raise a Ticket if its already more than 48hrs but your service is not activated.

Can I keep my domain name in case of change of host?2018-02-25T08:05:30+00:00

Yes. There is no restrictions on where you host your website if you have purchased Domain name from us. In some offers we do have restrictions so kindly read T&C of the offer.

Does HostatHash create backup for websites?2018-02-25T08:22:40+00:00

Yes. We do create backups for our *Shared Web hosting servers.
We create backup on an interval of 15 days so that you get the most updated backup of your website.
In case you want to create a backup and store on your computer then you can do it by simply logging into your cPanel > Backup > Full account backup. We strongly recommend you to create a Full Account Backup so that there is no loss for even a single file on your account.

How much time it takes to get my website live?2018-02-25T07:52:22+00:00

It normally takes 24-48 hrs for your domain to get connected to our hosting server after you have pointed your domain to HostatHash nameservers. If it takes more than 48 hrs then please raise a support ticket so that we can take a look into the issue and fix it for you

If I don’t like HostatHash service will I get refund?2018-02-25T07:46:36+00:00

Yes! We always try to provide our Best service to all our clients. In case you re not happy with our service, you can ask for a Refund for *Shared Hosting. We currently ONLY provide Refund for Shared Web hosting. Other services are NOT eligible for a Refund. You can always raise a ticket if you face any issue and we will solve it for you

How do I pay to use HostatHash services?2018-02-25T07:41:17+00:00

We support many payment options. We do support Paytm(India), Paypal (Worldwide), Western Union(World wide), Jazz Cash(Pakistan), Bank transfer (World Wide).
You can always contact us if you have issues paying with the above payment method and we will try to find a solution for you

Do I have to pay extra for hosting a secure website?2018-02-25T07:36:04+00:00

NO. On our Linux Shared Web hosting servers, we have strong firewalls and malware scanner which protects your website from hackers. Still there are few steps you need to follow to ensure a tight security of your website. You need to contact us so that we can give you security measures you will follow to keep your website secure from hackers.