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Experience the easiest and hassle free domain transfer with premium features. We provide lowest price for domain transfer along with 1yr free extension from your current domain expiry. We support many domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in, etc. Domain transfer is safe and you won’t have any downtimes or DNS issues because of domain transfer. If you need our support or facing issue in domain transfer, feel free to contact us by creating a support ticket and we will be more than happy to help you with the transfer process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

My domain is expired. Can I transfer it?

You cannot transfer-in nor transfer-out your domain name after the domain is expired. You’ll need to contact your current domain registrar to renew it and after 60 days you can transfer it.

Will there be any downtime because of transfer?

If you are transferring a domain name 10 days before the expiry date, you won’t have any down time.

What is required for domain transfer?

You’ll need EPP code along with current domain administrator email account access to initiate transfer of domain.

I have registered a domain name a few days ago and I want to transfer it. Is it possible?

No! You can only transfer your domain name when your domain is at least 60 days old from the date of renew/registration/transfer.

Do HostatHash provides DNS hosting with domain name?

Yes. Free DNS hosting with our domain name service.

How much time it takes for domain name transfer-in or transfer-out?

It may take upto 7 days for a transfer to be successfully completed after the verification process.

What will be the transfer fee for my domain?

Tranfer is totally free at HostatHash. Your transfer fee will be used to extend your domain validy for 1yr from the date of expiry.

Will I get control panel to manage my domain name?

Yes! You’ll get full control of your domain name and you can manage it from our client area.

Do HostatHash provides privacy protection?

Yes. We provide privacy protection for Free of cost with you domain. T&C apply.

Do HostatHash provides theft protection?
Yes. You can lock your domain name from control panel and your domain will be protected for transfers.
Do HostatHash provide technical support for domain name service?

Yes. We do provide technical support to domain service and you can create a ticket if you need support.

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